Just a woman with a book addiction….

  As far back as I can remember, I have always got the warm and fuzzies anytime I received a new book. I would spend hours in the company of characters that I found within the pages of each new and promising adventure. To this day, I still get those pangs of anticipation. An escape, a guilty pleasure, or just a fascination with how these masterpieces are created in minds of some of the most talented people to exist. What about trips into outer space and all the amazing technological advancements that have been made? Well I think I am just one of those people that would rather stick their nose in a book and allow what an author has created to come to life in my own imagination. It took years to realize that I am a book addict. There it has been said and not to be taken back. I love the feel of a hard or paperback book in my hands. The swishing sound it makes as I fan through the pages before I settle in to lose myself once again. Mind you, I realize having an addiction of any kind sounds series, but I am rather proud of my insatiable need for books, filled with chapters, full of words that all come together to whisk my mind away from my everyday existence in the mundane life most of us find ourselves living. So as for me….I will not be attending any AA meetings. I will however be ordering some more bookshelves. Until next time!


Happy reading! Always!

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